The Senior Project is a vital part of the program offered at Bridges High School and is the capstone project for students in their secondary education. It allows our students to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired up to this point in their lives. The Senior Project is a partnership that connects students with learning in the home, at school and in the community at large. The project requires that the student not rely solely on information and experiences they already have, but should demonstrate an aspect of new learning and growth. The Senior Project is expected to be original work by the student and to show their new experiences. The project is designed to assess the student’s skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening, as well as, their ability to access information, question their own assumptions, problem-solve and organize a large project. Because the Senior Project is a culminating event of the student’s K-12 schooling, we are committed to instructing, practicing and assisting the student throughout the entire process. 

Bridges Vision

We envision a learning community that is a hub for our students, families, teachers, alumni, surrounding school groups, and local residents. 

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