New Vending Machine

Hey Students,

We have a new vending machine!! Unfortunately after just one week of time, some have thought that shaking the machine to get "free" food is okay.

Respect is one of our school's guiding principles. We work together to respect each others' opinions and property. We respect our teachers and what they share with us. We respect our building and all of the materials that are available to us. The vending machine is one of those is part of our school building, and it needs to be respected.

When you shake the machine to get "free" food, you are actually stealing for US! The profit from that machine is helping us pay for our spring school trip! So, please be honest and respectful.

Your StuCo Officers 

Bridges Vision

We envision a learning community that is a hub for our students, families, teachers, alumni, surrounding school groups, and local residents. 

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