We have designed three agreements that we require all members of our learning community to acknowledge and to uphold. Our agreements are rooted in three rules or key values:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Privilege

We present these three goals as our key values and the norms of basic operating procedures at Bridges High School for students, staff and parents. In addition to our school norms, there are specific expectations for student conduct from the Roaring Fork School District (RFSD). Bridges High School complies with all RFSD Board policies, including the Student Code of Conduct with its specific procedures and consequences, and the procedures and policies related to issues of truancy. All other established individual interventions, classroom rules, school rules, building rules, city, county and state regulations, statues and laws must also be obeyed. A core expectation for ALL Bridges High School students is that they will register as full-time students with a commitment to attend school 24 hours each week and complete a minimum of 60 credits per school year.


FACULTY STATEMENT: We believe that ALL students can succeed academically. There are many behaviors that can increase a student’s likelihood of academic success. These may include regular attendance at school and in assigned classrooms, personal goal setting and monitoring, meeting deadlines, learning to self-advocate, establishing consistent work habits, developing critical thinking skills, and the student agreeing to work together with their parents/guardians and school personnel to achieve desired results.

ACADEMIC PROCEDURES: Students will be provided a syllabus for each of their classes. This document provides information about assignments, assessments, and standards that will be covered during each quarter, including a suggested timeline and due dates. Each student agrees to earn “A”/“B” proficiency on all their assignments and assessments. Throughout each quarter teachers provide opportunities for students to improve their demonstration of knowledge, skills, and/or the quality of their work. In order to reassess assignments or assessments, teachers may require that students make appointments during available teacher’s schedules, complete homework assignments, adjust the number or lengths of assignments due, or require attendance at learning labs. We encourage you to support the teachers with their requests. Parents can expect that a student’s academic progress will be reported via Infinite Campus Parent and Student Portals, and may contact their student’s Advisor at any time.

If a student continues to fall behind their syllabi and/or not demonstrate their knowledge and skills at a satisfactory level of proficiency or in a timely manner, we may select interventions to aid in their success. Possible interventions include: targeted goal setting, modified teaching styles, different study environment, modified assignments, internships, peer tutor or study buddy, adaptive technologies, teacher notes or organizer, progress monitoring with Advisor, Individual Plan, modified assessments, Resource/assets analysis. All interventions are selected to encourage, help, and enable students to access additional educational resources and to have a more successful academic experience. Sometimes the needs of the student require a more unique or more specialized educational setting than what Bridges HS can offer. If it is determined by and RtI team that the student’s ability to succeed at Bridges is being compromised due to their educational needs and that a different educational approach or environment could improve success, then the parents/guardians agree to enroll their student in such a program as soon as arrangements can be made.

At the sixth week of each quarter, teachers evaluate student academic progress and project whether students can successfully complete the quarter. If at this time, two different teachers express concern that the student is not on track to earn the minimum number of credits required each quarter, despite the use of any of the above academic interventions, he/she will be placed on Academic Probation. The student will meet with the principal and/or advisor to review their academic strengths and resources and design a plan for success. Academic probation is serious and the goals in the individual plan must be met. Students who fail to give their best effort in accomplishing their plan, may need to consider if Bridges High School is the best way to meet their needs. If parents/guardians and the students believe that their needs would be better met elsewhere, then the family agrees to meet with the principal to make a plan for enrollment in a program that continues the student’s education immediately. ____ ____

STUDENT STATEMENTS: As students we show RESPECT by continuing to work on assignments until “A”/”B” proficiency has been demonstrated. It means students respect our teachers subject area knowledge and their role as our instructors, mentors, and coaches. We know that we can enhance our learning environment by our positive attitudes and behavior.

As students we show academic RESPONSIBILITY when we know our graduation requirements and our progress toward meeting them. We know how to access our Infinite Campus portal and we do so regularly. We also know that we should demonstrate proficiency on required assignments, standards and assessments in a timely manner.

As students we must do more than the minimum to show that we recognize that education is a PRIVILEGE. We want to strive to achieve Honor credits and awards. We appreciate that we can work at our own pace and focus on what we need. We will try to learn to self-advocate (asking for extra help and/or necessary adjustments and re-teaching opportunities.


FACULTY STATEMENT: We believe that regular attendance has a positive effect on a student’s academic success. Good attendance is more than just showing-up and being physically present. It requires the student to be on time and to attend to the tasks that are expected in each class. It requires the student to be an active learner while he/she attends class.

ATTENDANCE PROCEDURES: Teachers report attendance via Infinite Campus each class period. Students are ALWAYS expected to attend their scheduled classes. On rare occasions, teachers and students may make arrangements for student learning to take place outside of the classroom. All absences must be reported to the office (384-6160) within two (2) days by the parent/guardian. The office may ask for supporting written notes and/or documentation. Parents/Guardians will be called daily when their student is more than 10 minutes late to class or does not attend class.

If a student’s attendance habits interfere with his/her performance in classes, specifically their ability to demonstrate high or advanced proficiency, or to earn the required credits, or if their attendance rate drops below 80% in any class, the student and their parents/guardians agree that the student will make-up the time missed during learning labs or after school teacher office hours. Should absent hours not be made up, the student forfeits their right to earn full credit for their classes.

When a student’s overall attendance drops below 80%, the student will be placed on Attendance Probation where they will be given ten school days to COMPLETELY comply with this agreement, NO EXCUSED OR PRE-ARRANGED ABSENCES WILL BE ALLOWED DURING THIS PROBATIONARY PERIOD. If parents/guardians and the students believe that their attendance needs would be better met elsewhere, then the family agrees to meet with the principal to make a plan for enrollment in a program that continues the student’s education immediately. Sometimes a student’s lack of attendance requires that the school remove them from the official record (for example, when a student has not attended school for 10 consecutive days without any contact with the school).

Sometimes a student’s lack of attendance violates RFSD Board policy. Issues of truancy will be dealt with according to procedures and policies that are currently in place.

STUDENT STATEMENTS: As students we show RESPECT by coming to school at least 24 hours each week, making up absences and tardies as needed. We will be ACTIVE learners at attending and participating in our classes regularly. We will respect others’ rights to attend school and learn in their classes without distracting them or persuading them to do less their best.

As students we show RESPONSIBILITY when we know our schedules (when and where our classes meet and who our assigned teachers are and what they expect). We agree to be responsible for ourselves individually (reporting absences and excuses to THE OFFICE), and promptly turning in assignments that might have been missed while gone.

As students we know that our good attendance habits show that we see school as a PRIVILEGE. We want to learn more than the minimum and know that we might need additional time to do well at school. We honestly want to have fun with our peers and teachers as we being part of an educated citizenry.


FACULTY STATEMENT: We believe that each person within our school community is a valuable member, and has the right to participate in and gain a quality education. To enhance students’ abilities to be alert and aware we encourage all to participate in healthy habits. Personal behavior affects not only the student’s attendance habits and academic success, but it impacts our entire school community. Good behavior is more than doing the “right thing” when you know people are watching. It requires that each student consider how personal choices impact others’ learning, safety, behaviors, and reactions.

BEHAVIOR PROCEDURES: Because of the environment at Bridges High School, behavior is rarely an issue. However, if a student violates a classroom, school, or RFSD expectation in a minor way, teachers will intervene to help correct any misunderstandings verbally. These behavior issues may be reported via Infinite Campus or they may occur as conversations of concern.

When violations are more serious, a continuum of intervention includes: telephone calls, student-teacher or student-principal conferences, Family Resource Center referrals, structured conversations with peers, all staff-student-parent meetings, or writing an individual behavior plan. The choice of intervention is selected to encourage a change of behavior.

If behavior continues to violate this agreement OR if a student is suspended more than two times during a quarter OR if a student’s actions violate RFSD Board policy, disciplinary actions, based on the type of violation, will be assigned and enforced according to school procedures and policies. Information pertaining to violations of this level will be reported and posted on the student’s discipline/behavior section of their Infinite Campus record.

After any required disciplinary actions are completed, the student may be placed on Behavior Probation and will be given ten (10) school days to COMPLETELY comply with this agreement. If any behavior violation occurs during this period, the student and the parents/guardians agree to remove their student from the Bridges High School student list immediately, and to enroll their student in their attendance area high school to continue the student’s education.

STUDENT STATEMENTS: As students we show RESPECT by listening to others and considering their opinions. We want our behavior to show respect for the staff, our peers and ourselves; as well as the others’ property and our school building and equipment.

As students we show RESPONSIBILITY when we tend to our individual needs knowing that we can affect others for good and bad. We will be responsible for our communication with teachers, other adults and our peers always showing that we can be polite. Following the “rules” inside and outside of school is one way we can make our school reputation better.

As students we know that it is a PRIVILEGE to have an alternative to the comprehensive high schools available. We will work hard to know who we go to school with, and we will be open with our school peers. We want to take advantage of the one-on-one learning that is available from our teachers, and know that we may need to adjust our schedules to work with them. We also realize that learning at our own pace requires self-discipline and hard work, and we will apply ourselves to be successful.


Revised 07/31/13  

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