Welcome to the learning community at Bridges High School. We are excited that you have chosen our school for your child to attend and hope to work closely with you as we help educate your student. Parents are a very vital part of our learning community. We believe that the school should support parents by offering multiple ways for them to be involved. We offer support in communicating, parenting, volunteering, learning at home, decision-making and collaborating with the community. We have had 100% parent participation since 2007-8. We encourage your active participation in at least one of the following activities:

Building Accountability Committee—we meet quarterly to discuss the status of the school, including progress toward reaching annual building goals, improvements in curriculum and delivery, schedules, and finances. Parents hold positions as Chairperson, Vice-chairperson and Secretary. While everyone is welcome to attend any meeting, voting members of the committee include 3 parents, 3 students, 1 community member, 2 faculty members and the principal. Various sub-committees may be formed during the year as needed (Decision Making) 

Community Mentors—as part of the Capstone Project, students may need to complete internships with a local mentor related to their project topic. Volunteers are needed to be mentors for students and to encourage other members of the Roaring Fork Valley communities to agree to serve as mentors. A coordinator is needed annually to work directly with the Capstone teacher. (Volunteering; Collaborating with Community)

Futures Room—recognizing the importance of higher education and training for our students, parents sponsor a room that focuses on those opportunities. General information of higher education opportunities, College catalogs and Scholarships are sorted, displayed and posted on the school’s website. The room and its contents are available for all students and their parents. A Futures Coordinator and an Assistant Coordinator are needed annually (usually the Assistant Coordinator serves as the Coordinator the following year). (Volunteering; Decision Making) 

Bridges Vision

We envision a learning community that is a hub for our students, families, teachers, alumni, surrounding school groups, and local residents. 





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