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  • Mission
    We will engage our students in their own education

    and co-create pathways to their futures.
  • Vision
    Our students will be leaders in their communities, touching people’s lives through generous service and respect. They will have the academic skills necessary to make powerful personal choices about continued learning. They will know how to improve relationships, overcome personal obstacles, and live with mindfulness.
  • Core Values
    High Expectations - Maintain High Expectations

    Integrity - Always Empower, Never Disempower

    Respect - Provide Unconditional Positive Regard

    Transparency - Provide Guided Opportunities for Peer Support

    Equity - Check Assumptions, Observe & Question

    Trust - Be a Relationship Coach
Bridges Vision
We envision a learning community that is a hub for our students, families, teachers, alumni, surrounding school groups, and local residents.