Bridges Agreements

The Bridges Community Agreements were created by students and staff.

  • Live Your Truth

  • Bring Each Other Up

  • Be Brave

  • Make Them Proud

Join Our Community

You may visit our school after speaking with a counselor at your home school, and then making an appointment with us. Please call 970-384-6160 to reach the front office.

[Community Expectations](https://Community Expectations)

[Sample Schedule](https://Sample Schedule)

Capstone Projects

Bridges has an integrated and guided senior capstone project. Senior students participate in a series of classes that help guide them through the capstone process. At the end of the series, students choose a focus area for their capstone and gather artifacts from class projects.

Current classes include:

  • Cultivating Self-Awareness
  • The Power of Resilience
  • Futures
  • Civic Engagement
  • The Hero's Journey
  • My Culture, My Personality